Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Spanish do you teach?

At CMD Tutoring, we offer lessons in Castillian (European Spanish), with a focus on the culture as well as the language. We avoid teaching slang and/or colloquialisms unless it is for opinion phrases at GCSE/A Level or for adult learners!

Are you taking international students?

Yes! One of the many benefits of online classes is that we can offer our services to students from all around the world. Our classes are open to all and we always take time zones into consideration when booking your classes.

Will I be given homework?

We rarely set homework unless we think it would be beneficial to your learning! 90% of the time, homework is the work that we tackled in class that we didn't have chance to finish.

Will there be other students in my tuition session?

Not without your consent! Most of our classes are 1-to-1 with the very rare exception of group classes, however you can decide which class you attend.

Will I have to pay in advance for our session?

For your first session, we do request that you pay in advance to secure your booking. After the Tutoring Agreement has been signed, we have three payment options:

  1. Advance Term Payment

  2. Weekly Payments

  3. Monthly Payments

How much do your online classes cost?

Our classes have two set prices per hour:

  1. Group classes - £10 per hour per person

  2. 1-to-1 lesson - £20 per hour

The lesson cost includes all materials as well as out of hours support via email and WhatsApp.