Meet The Tutor

Hi! My name is Chloe-Mairead Donnelly, and in 2020 I took a huge leap and set up my dream business, a languages school designed to show the excitement of languages to children and adults around the world.

I originally started CMD Tutoring because languages have always been my passion, and I love sharing them with others so tutoring seemed like the best option! I myself have learning disabilities, and I found that when I was in school, it seemed like the system wasn't built for students with learning disabilities to succeed, so I took the initiative and created a school for us neurodiverse to work at an advantage.

Since CMD Tutoring was created (almost two years ago!!), I have had the privilege of teaching so many amazing people from all over the world. I'm the luckiest person in the world, as I'm able to wake up every single morning absolutely loving my job.

Meet The School

CMD Tutoring was created on Tuesday 18th February 2020, sat in a little booth at The Cheshire Cat in Nantwich.

Sat in the booth with another family, my partner and I were speaking to a parent about the upcoming GCSEs and they mentioned that their daughter was struggling with French. On an impulse (thank you ADHD!), I offered to tutor their daughter as I was doing a languages degree.

Before I knew it, I had three students on the books within a week and I came up with the business name!

Then lockdown hit and exams were cancelled. So I worked smarter rather than harder and I advertised £5 lessons for primary school children whilst the schools were closed.

Almost two years on, my little school has won countless awards and we have established a place in our international community. But there is so much more to be done!

Our Values & Ethos

At CMD Tutoring, we are proud of the values and ethos that we uphold. Our vision and values are based on what we have learned during our time as students.

  • To be a beacon of excellence that allows our pupils to learn and be inspired.

  • To be a hub for a lifelong learning resource for the international community.

  • To promote a culture of aspiration and expectation, by constantly striving for excellence in everything we do.

  • To nurture an environment of trust, respect, optimism, and honesty for all within our school.

  • To foster and promote moral values, respect for religious values,, and tolerance of other races, religions and diversity.

Our Awards

Inspirational Woman Award

Motherwell Cheshire

Young Trader Qualifying


Young Trader Regional Final - Highly Commended


#SBS Winner

Theo Paphitis

Contribution Award - Runner Up

Centre of Excellence